Green Tea Energizer
Green Tea Energizer

Green Tea Energizer


She is energized, and ready to go. She gets stuff done with style and grace. She is the hustler, sassy, strong, booked, and busy. She keeps things simple and enjoys the little things. She is confident, strong, and a dedicated friend. We recommend drinking Shyra Verde 3 MG teas each day to enjoy the maximum benefits of this artisan tea. Each package comes with 5 pouches of tea. Ingredients: Organic Japanese Green Tea, CBD Isolate and Zero THC
  • 3 mg (Day)
  • 30 mg (Night)

Canadian Owned and Women Founded, Shyra Verde is a premium CBD/Tea brand offering all natural, organic tea mixed with water-soluble CBD. Our brand was conceived with the focus on women, especially women aged 40+, going through perimenopause and menopause. CBD’s anti- inflammatory, anti-anxiety properties are well known. This goes hand in hand with the symptoms many women experience in this time of their lives.

Most women 40+ do not smoke and want a safe alternative to experience CBD. We provide our customers with an artisanal, hand packed, sugar-free, organic tea product. We are committed to environmental responsibility, using biodegradable tea bags and packaging.

We are unique in the Canadian marketplace. Keeping our focus on women and women’s health issues.

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