Garlic Sherbert
Garlic Sherbert
Garlic Sherbert
Garlic Sherbert



  • 3.5G

This Indica dominant Hybrid is known to pack a punch. This cross of the ever popular Blue Sherbert  (Sunset Sherbert * Blue Cookies) mixed with the uber popular GMO (Garlic Cookies) strain is one that is hard to forget after trying.

Cured to craft standards, in small batches, for highest terpenes. The onion and garlic terpenes come out heavily during grinding and leaves a slight floral aroma in the air afterwards.  Upon consumption, you can taste the aroma of the garlic on the back of your tongue.  This strain was grown in craft rooms less than 1000 sq ft. and is provided in sexy matte black glass jars using only crown buds.  This elusive strain will quickly become your favourite once you’ve had a chance to take it in. 

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Some Therapeutic Uses*

*Customer-reported information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.

  • Stress

    When it comes to stress, finding a way to calm down and relax when you feel overwhelmed with is essential. The best medical marijuana strains for stress may be more Indica-dominant.

  • Chronic Pain & Arthritis

    For patients suffering from painful inflammation characteristic of arthritis and other chronic conditions, medical cannabis is a great option to help keep that pain under control. Studies show that smoked cannabis exhibts an analgesic effect in patients with chronic neuropathic and other non-cancer related pains (especially when other typical treatments have failed). 

  • Sleep Disorders

    Cannabis has been proven to be effective at helping treat some sleep disorders like insomnia and appears to exhibit a dose-dependent effect. This means that a low dose has been proven to decrease the amount of time needed to get to sleep, increase the amount of restful sleep and increase total sleep time; while higher doses may cause some sleep disturbances in some cases.


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