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This Indica dominant Hybrid is known to pack a punch. This cross of Platinum OG (Master Kush * OG Kush) mixed with the infamous Wedding Cake (Triangle Kush * Animal Mints) strain has become extremely popular in California and is ready to make it's name in Canada.

Cured to craft standards, in small batches, for highest terpenes this strain features the gas of the Platinum with faint nodes of wedding cake batter in the background. This strain was grown in craft rooms less than 1000 sq ft. and is provided in sexy matte black glass jars using only crown buds.  Try this winner today and make it your favourite strain as many people already have.

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Some Therapeutic Uses*

*Customer-reported information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.

  • Stress

    When it comes to stress, finding a way to calm down and relax when you feel overwhelmed with is essential. The best medical marijuana strains for stress may be more Indica-dominant.  

  • Mood Disorders

    There is evidence to suggest that THC exhibits a biphasic effect on mood which means that in low doses it can be very effective at relieving anxiety and mood-elevationg; while high doses may increase anxiety and lower mood in some cases. CBD alone has been shown to relieve anxiety, and strains with equal doses of THC and CBD seem to lessen the alterations of mood seen in high doses of THC.
  • Pain Disorders

    There is evidence that cannabis is effective in alleviating symptoms of acute and chronic pain. For cases of acute pain, THC exhibts a dose-dependent effect with low doses providing an analgesic effect (decreased pain); while high doses may cause a hyperalgesic effect (increased pain) in some cases. 


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